Manivest Global Funds

Manivest Global Funds


Please note the Manivest Fund has been closed to new subscriptions since 2019. 

Manivest is an AI Powered Alternative Investment Fund investing in global equities based on a rigorous and rule-based investment strategy.

We are value investors and have developed a number of conservative investment criteria based on fundamental ratios, which we call “The Manivest”. All of our investments must comply with these criteria to ensure maximum returns combined with minimal risk.

We use our own machine-learning software to scan and analyze the global stock market for potential investment candidates. On average, less than 1% of all listed companies in the world comply with our strict requirements for profitability, yield and growth. It is among these companies that we select our investment candidates.

Utilising advanced Machine Learning, our investment software calculates in real time the optimal time for buying or selling an asset. When an asset is selected for trading, the trading is to 90% autonomous, and the strategy applied is a Machine Learning based Swing-Trading.


Our goal is to create a high-performance AI Powered Investment Fund, and we strive to deliver a significantly better return than the overall market development.

We will be communicative and agile and have hence limited the fund to a maximum of 100 million euros. We believe that the biggest problem for the large funds is often their size.

We want to be a smaller and exclusive investment fund, where we have a close relationships with our investors. Therefore, we also exclusively deal with professional investors, which are defined with a minimum investment of EUR 100,000 in the fund.

Transparency and communication are alpha and omega to us. We regularly publish newsletters about our investments and, as something truly unique, our investors have access to the Manivest system online, where you can track our investments and returns in real-time and find in-depth information and news.

In addition, we arrange at least 2 investor-days each year, where we present and discuss our investments.