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Manivest Global Funds

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Manivest is registered as an Alternative Investment Fund (Hedge Fund). We only deal with professional investors, which are defined with a minimum investment of EUR 100,000 in the fund.

We target long-term investors, typically with us for more than a year at a time, but with the possibility of withdrawal with one month’s notice at the end of each quarter.

There is no charge for new subscriptions.

The annual management fee amounts to 1%, which is charged quarterly by 0.25% of the invested capital. However, this does not apply to the 2018/2019 financial year, where we as a welcome bonus do not charge management fee but only charge the performance fee.

Performance fee is 20% based on the high water mark principle and calculated quarterly backwards

A high water mark is defined as the highest asset value a stock class has had since drawing.


Period Starting Value Gross Return Fee Ending Value New HWM
1 100,000 20,000 6,000 116,000 116,000
2 116,000 -2,000 0 114,000 116,000
3  114,000  5,000 600 118,400 118,400
4 118,400 10,000 2,000 126,400 126,400


An exit fee of 0.5% will be charged. This is calculated after all other fees.

Send us an email at for more information and an invitation to invest.


The company’s shares must be registered in the name of the investor and listed in the company’s register of shareholders.

Shares can be subscribed every first day of the month. The issue price is calculated daily based on the company’s net asset value.

The calculation of the net asset value is used for the current valuation of the company’s shares and is calculated on the basis of the accounting principles in the Danish Financial Statements Act.

The net asset value is calculated by adding the values ​​of all the company’s net investments including cash, adjusted for the company’s costs (including performance fee) divided with the total number of shares.

There is no Subscription fee.


The fund does not intend to pay dividends.