A flying Cryptocurrency-start into the New Year

logo-plus500-bigOne of our long term investments is Plus500 listed on the London Stock Exchange. Plus500 has gained more than 145% over the last 52 weeks. We have had several investments in the company, and initiated a new position in December 2017. Although Manivest does NOT invest in any Cryptocurrencies, neither do we believe in them in the present structure, we welcome that Plus500 has initiated products for their customers to trade Cryptocurrencies via their trading platform. This has given Plus500 more than double the expected new customer base in 2017, and hence the stock traded up more than 25% today. This and a gain of almost 10% in our investment in Micron the first 2 days of 2018 has given Manivest a flying start and net gain of 17,44%. You can read more about the Plus500 announcement at Bloomberg here

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